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Sleep Now!

I would rather not be awake right now. Or, more accurately, I would have preferred to be waking up now, rather than several hours ago when I was awakened.

It is impossible to sleep while sneezing. I have also discovered that it is difficult to sleep when the person next to you sneezes. Furthermore, when the dog sleeping outside the door of your room is wakened by the sneeze of the person next to you and determines that clearly it must be morning, getting back to sleep is highly unlikely.

In an ideal world, an hour is an hour. I should be able to use the time between two and three in the morning much as I would use the time between, say, ten and eleven in the morning. I should be able to wrap my head around the idea that I’m awake and, for the moment, no one else in the house needs me (since the dog who so badly needed my presence is now asleep in the armchair across the room). I should be able to work.

I just keep thinking about the other end of this day, when I get the kids from school and we have errands to run and a dinner to go to with friends and I’m going to want to fall asleep. I won’t want to drive attentively. I won’t want to negotiate the inevitable discussion of what noises are acceptable in the car. I won’t want to do anything but close my eyes and become unconscious.

I guess I better try to do a little more of that now, preemptively. It’s safer when I’m not in a moving vehicle.



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