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Life Is Pain, Princess

In the movie The Princess Bride, Inigo and Fezzik are told that if something goes wrong with their plan to go back to the beginning. Useful advice.

After the upheval of the last days, I am back to the beginning. I am focusing on the simple things, like cooking. Last night I grilled lamb chops. The recipe included a “chutney” with mangos and ginger and fresh mint. It smelled wonderful. I don’t have chef-like skills with a knife, so the concentration I need to use to dice a mango forces me to focus on the present moment. That is how I notice how mangos have a sort of grain to them, a woody tendency to split when the knife is not perfectly sharp. This morning, I filled the slow cooker with ingredients for Italian pork stew, measuring out a second portion of herbs and spices to add at the end, opening a good bottle of wine to give the stew its flavor and me a glass at dinner.

I went to a new yoga class, where I had to move my body in less-familiar ways. I breathed. I opened. I felt pain in my hips that was a welcome change from pain in my heart. With more stretching, the pain in my hips eased.

Next, I will start the day’s laundry and tidy up my desk.

Food, breath, cleanliness. Back to the beginning. Where I can find the Man in Black to lead me to victory.



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